About INCLINED Fidelity

Friends since high school, VC and Von Hertzog have known each other most of their lives. We’ve entered into all types of creative endeavors over the years, but a recurring theme has been the highest fidelity audio we can create. Starting with car stereo designs in the 1990s, software programming in the early aughts and finally back to home audio and the studio in the 2020s. Our passion for audio is evident and we can’t wait to share our designs with you.

Circuit Designer and Audio Engineer
Von Hertzog
Cabinet Designer & Builder
Vince C

Our Story


Shortly after wrapping our first video game together in January 2020 (Neon Aileron) a global pandemic was thrust upon us. Looking for a new project to tackle together and to rekindle our love for speaker system designs, we decided to start experimenting with creating the highest fidelity we could.


We started to kick around ideas for what we wanted to achieve. It started with the idea for a high-end Hi-Fi bluetooth speaker and ended with studio monitor designs. Looking to offer a much higher level of resolution and linearity than typically available in mass produced models. 


Which brings us to now. We’re very proud and excited to launch our first designs for sale. Every speaker is hand-built and assembled with attention and care. Our blood, sweat, and tears have gone into getting a high performing loudspeaker at a fraction of the cost of a comparable model.